The Blog Update

You may have noticed that my blog has changed a bit. If you haven’t noticed then this is a blog post for you. I wanted to do a little update because my Twitter and blog has been completely changed with a new name and a new.. logo I guess?

My old blog (well it’s the same blog but under a new name and new address) was called ‘Beauty In All Things’. After a a few months of using that name for my blog I just got a bit sick of it and wanted my blog’s name to be a bit more personal to me. So that’s where ‘Hallie’ comes in.


Hallie isn’t my actual name, I’m not trying to catfish you, it’s part of my first name and middle name put together. I didn’t want to use my actual name on my blog because I want to keep it quiet for now. By quiet I mean I want to keep it between me and the blogging community, and away from the people I know personally in my day to day life.

So yeah, ‘Beauty In All things’ will now be known as my blog ‘Hallie’. It’ll have the same content etc, nothing like that has changed, the only thing that’s changed is the name and logo.

I hope I managed to explain that clearly and made some sort of sense to you (I don’t feel like I did, but we’ll see). If you have any comments or questions please let me know!


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