Spring Is Almost Here

For about two weeks now I have been waiting for a dry, sunny day to go for a walk. I went on 1st of March attempting to go on my first Spring walk. It wasn’t exactly sunny, it was actually bloody freezing and it rained a tiny bit. But the weather wasn’t as bad as it has been so I made sure I went on that walk and decided to take a few snaps for the blog too.

I decided to wear my workout clothes and of course my new rain coat that I am in LOVE with. I never ever ever like coats, especially rain coats, I just buy one and wear it because I have to, but when I saw this one, I knew I had to get it. I saw this coat on a girl whilst casually browsing the yoghurt aisle in Tesco and from then on I noticed it on EVERYONE, and that’s not an exaggeration. After not having the courage to ask strangers where their coat was from, I searched high and low and finally found it in Topshop.


I’ve been going crazy for pinks lately, which is probably why I was drawn to this coat. Although the striped lining is definitely my favourite thing about it. I also absolutely LOVE that the coat isn’t the usual horrible, scratchy material that makes that awful sound when you move (it really goes through me). It’s more of a plastic material so the rain literally drips off the coat rather than sinking in making the coat damp.

As I was going for a walk I wore my workout clothes, which seem to look okay with this coat (although I am really enjoying wearing the coat with soo many more outfits, too). Finding decent workout clothes has been proving difficult over the past few weeks, I’d been looking around a load of shops for some workout clothes that were what I wanted and a reasonable price,  but I couldn’t get anything that was exactly that. So after reaching the conclusion that I’m just too fussy I decided to go for it when I saw some that I liked. I wanted leggings with a good waistband that would keep them up as I used to wear leggings that didn’t have a very good waistband, so when I’d go on the treadmill they’d fall down if I didn’t hold them up – not good!

In the gym I wouldn’t feel comfortable just wearing a sports bra like I would at home, so I got this vest that says ‘sweat in style’ on it. I think this vest adds a bit of colour to the outfit, without making it too bold. I wanted to stick with this pink colour and got trainers in black with the pink colour on the inside. I used to wear converse to the gym but after using these I realise how important it is to wear proper shoes when working out.

This is the result of my trainers after going on a ‘Spring walk’.

Leggings – Tesco, £12
Vest – Tesco, £12
Sports bra – Tesco, £12
Trainers – Tesco, £12
Jacket – Primark, £7
Coat – Topshop, £55


10 thoughts on “Spring Is Almost Here

  1. You’re right that’s such a cute coat! Alos, if you’re still looking for gym leggings there are some by gymshark that have a rubbery band around the inside of the waistband that helps it stay in place and doesn’t fall down, I have a few pairs and they’re really comfy xx Sarah

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