Primark False Nails

Recently my nails haven’t been in the best condition. I’ve been trying hard to grow them to be as strong and as long as they were a few months back, but I haven’t had any luck. Whenever they get to a nice length they snap off or go flaky, so I end up cutting them off. I hate how my hands look with short nails, and no amount of nail polish makes them look good. So I’ve resorted to buying falsies. I’m not a fan of acrylics because I’ve heard they can ruin your real nails, so these were my plan B.

I’ve used a few brands of false nails in the past, but the price adds up if you want to keep up with putting new false nails on when your old ones come off. But when I was in Primark at the weekend I saw their false nails for £1 and was going to pick a few packs up to try out, until I saw these. 240 nails for £3.00? They were straight in my basket! Included there are 240 nails in 12 different sizes and a big tube of glue. I also love that you can buy glue separately in Primark for just 60p!


My favourite thing about these nails is that they are transparent, so you can paint them whatever colour you want. This is great for me as I’m so fussy when it comes to the colour of false nails. Another thing I love about these is the shape. I always go for squared because my natural nails are this shape, but Primark also do the rounded ones. The only thing that puts me off these nails a little bit is the length. They aren’t overly long, I’m not that bothered by the length, I just think they’d look a bit more natural if they were shorter. But! They are so easy to file if you have the patience. AND if you don’t have the patience (like me) you can cut them with a nail clipper. Who knew?! I literally had no idea that you can cut false nails without breaking them!

After cutting the nails I much prefer them. They feel stronger, they don’t catch on things and they just look better on me. They look like my natural nails when they are this length, only stronger. I’ll definitely be cutting the next set I put on. They seem to last roughly about 2-4 days, which isn’t that long, but they would be great for an event if you needed nice nails fast.

I hope you have enjoyed my first.. review I guess? As always any questions, comments or feedback is welcomed!

P.S I’ve gone for a pink colour that I also picked up in Primark called ‘Make Me Blush’. It was only 90p, and for the price it is pretty good! It dries quickly and I really like the colour.


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