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Easy No Bake Easter Treat

Easter is just around the corner (April 16th for anyone who’s not sure) so I thought it was a good excuse to pop a ‘baking’ post up on the blog. I’ve actually been trying to eat clean for a few weeks now, but after making these I completely ruined it. This recipe really isn’t the healthiest and speaking from experience it isn’t very brace friendly either, but it tastes SO good, so who cares? It’s probably the easiest Easter treat to make AND you can make this for as little as £3.86! (you can use more expensive ingredients to improve it if you’re not on a budget).


You’ll Need:

300g milk chocolate – (Tesco, 30p per bar = 90p)

200g white chocolate – (Tesco, 45p per bar = 90p)

100g mini marshmallows – (Tesco, 75p per bag)

200g digestive biscuits – (Tesco, 31p per packet)

1 bag of micro mini eggs – (Tesco, £1.00 per bag)

Depending on how big your dish is and how many rocky road pieces you want, you may need more or less of each ingredient, but as a rough guide I used two small dishes that are about 6 x 4 inches and about 2 inches deep. There are a load of variations of how to make rocky roads, I didn’t follow a specific recipe for this, I just browsed a few over on Pinterest and used the basic ingredients because I wanted something quick and easy at a good price.




  1. Firstly you want to line your dish with baking paper so it’s prepared for you to put your mixture straight in before the chocolate hardens.
  2. Melt 300g of milk chocolate in a large bowl on top of a pan of boiling water, making sure you stir it until it’s smooth.
  3. While the chocolate is melting, you can prepare 200g of digestive biscuits by breaking them up into smaller pieces.
  4. Take the bowl off the pan and add in the broken biscuits and marshmallows. Mix the ingredients through.
  5. Spread the mixture evenly into your dish.
  6. Melt 200g of white chocolate in a clean bowl in the same way you melted the milk chocolate.
  7. When the white chocolate has melted thoroughly, pour it over the rocky road that’s in your dish. Again, spreading it evenly.
  8. Before the white chocolate hardens, sprinkle your micro mini eggs on top.
  9. Put the dish into the fridge until set.
  10. Once it has set, cut it up into small squares, and serve.




SO quick and easy, aren’t they?! If you decide to make these or any other Easter treats for that matter, send me some pictures on Twitter – @Hallieblog. If you don’t fancy making rocky road, or want to make a more complex version, have a nosey at my ‘Easter Treats’ board on Pinterest here.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a good Easter and of course, eat a tonne of chocolate!




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