Summer 2017

Hello! Long time no blog eh? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (I made an Instagram account for my blog btw, wooo) then you’ll know that I have been, once again, tied down with uni work and exams. These deadlines/exams started at the beginning of March and have now ended, finally! I can get back into blogging and have some sort of life again. This post is just one to break the silence and to mark the start of my Summer, and all the exciting things it’s going to bring!



As stressful as moving is, I couldn’t be more happy and excited to move closer to uni with my boyfriend. In a way it’ll be sad as I’ll be moving further away from my family and friends, but I’m going to visit them often and have a few Summer parties so we can all meet up. I’m looking forward to having our own space that we can make our own. Our new flat is only small, it’s just about big enough for the both of us, but it’s a start, and after uni we can move on to something bigger and better.

Driving Lessons

Back last year when I had sooo much going on I quit driving lessons with the intention of starting them back again when life got less busy. I never got round to starting again and so this Summer, I WILL pass my driving test! I’m determined not to waste my theory test, as I passed that a while ago and it’s due to run out this year. So I have booked my test and am due to start back driving lessons next week! I’m sooooo excited, but also super nervous, eeek!


This blogging break has made me realise how much I actually love blogging. I feel like I really want to go self hosted now.. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do though, I’ve only been blogging since January, but I want to take it more seriously and so I think I may just go for it. If anyone has any advice or blog posts about going self hosted then send them my way! Also, now I don’t have uni deadlines I definitely want to blog more often, take part in blogger chats regularly, and also go to some events.


Over the Summer I am hoping to find a job, preferably in retail, or at least some work experience. I think it’ll be a long Summer if I don’t have a job, and I also love having a routine, so having a job will help that too. Plus, the extra money would be great!


Travelling is something I really really want to do whilst I’m young, but with moving this Summer it didn’t seem possible to go on holiday this year. So instead of a holiday this year, I would love to travel around the UK and visit some of the beautiful places we have on our doorstep. I can’t wait for camping, road trips and possibly some city trips!

What are your plans for this Summer? I’d love to know!

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