Hello, you seem to have stumbled across my teeny tiny blog! Here you’ll find posts that are mainly beauty and life related, but I also post about pretty much everything and anything!

I’m just your average 19 year old girl who’s currently studying at university. I love anything beauty, lifestyle, fashion, interior & travel related. I also looooove cats, pizza and chocolate, but that’s what not to say when I’m tryna sell myself, so we’ll leave that there.

So, basically Hallie is my blog that was formerly known as Beauty In All Things. After some time I decided I wasn’t feeling that name anymore so I gave it a new name that’s a bit more personal to me, hence the name Hallie.

Hallie isn’t my actual name, (I’m not gonna catfish you don’t worry) it’s just a combination of letters from my first name and middle name added together to create Hallie. I wanted to do this instead of using my actual name because I’d rather keep my blog quiet for now.

I decided to create my own blog a couple of months ago when I started reading bigger blogs. But soon after my blog was created, I was introduced to the HUGE community of smaller bloggers. In the beginning it was just somewhere I could post photos and ramble on about the things I love most, but it soon turned in to making blogger friends and enjoying the whole blogging thing more than I imagined I would!

So that’s a bit about my blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit, have a browse and give my blog a follow if you like. Also, feel free to leave questions, comments and feedback and I will be sure to get back to you!

Much love, Hallie x